My Beliefs

  • As a veteran, I understand the life-long sacrifices military members and their families make

  • Our veterans deserve world class medical treatment for their service-related medical conditions, and help adjusting to civilian life after their service

  • We need to make Maryland affordable for veterans so they choose to stay here instead of fleeing to lower tax states

My Accomplishments

  • Worked with Veteranís Administration to re-energize stalled plans for two Community Based Outpatient Clinics in St Maryís County

  • Supported legislation to:

    • Create tax credits for small business that hire veterans

    • Streamline procedures to hire disabled veterans for state government jobs

    • Expand senate & delegate scholarships for active duty

    • Increased property and income tax relief for military retirees

  • Assisted numerous veterans in resolving issues with state and county government

My Plans

  • Help get kidney dialysis capability at Charlotte Hall Veteranís Home

  • Fight to make 100% of military retirement pay tax free

  • Continue my work on the Tri-County Veterans Regional Advisory Committee to implement ideas from last yearís veteranís summit

  • Use the St Maryís Veterans Resource Center as a model to improve veteran services across the state