My Beliefs

  • Transportation infrastructure is a critical to:

    • Sustaining and growing St Mary’s economy

    • Preventing NAS Pax River closure or downsizing

    • Improving quality of life in the county

  • Maryland already has adequate transportation funding; we just need to allocate it wisely

  • Maryland should shift funding from mass transit projects to roads and highways since drivers pay most of the bills

My Accomplishments

  • Helped Governor Hogan repeal the "Road Kill" bill that was preventing rural areas from getting their fair share of transporation funding

  • Expedited construction of a emergency vehicle left turn lane at Buck Hewitt Rd and MD Highway 235--will reduce response times and vehicle wear and tear

  • Cleared way for county to pursue upgrading Buck Hewitt and MD 235 intersection to 4-way traffic--overcame State Highway Administration resistance to concept

  • Worked with State Highway Administration to design new exit for Woodland Acres so residents can safely leave their neighborhood

My Plans

  • Champion efforts to return Highway User Revenue funds authority to counties and municipalities

  • Continue working plans to eliminate the traffic bottleneck at Point Lookout and Great Mills Roads

  • Continue fighting for funds to replace the Thomas Johnson Bridge

  • Support the county commissioners' transportation priorities